Gardens and Llama Pugs

This afternoon, my family spent a couple of hours laying down hay in the aisles of our garden. It apparently helps keep out weeds, which is always a good thing! And it kind of looks cool. :)


(That's my mom in the background.)

We brought Hope, my dog, outside with us. She loves eating hay. It's kind of a fetish. I think she looks like a demented llama. :P


You see what I'm talking about?



OH! And this is kind of random, but don't you just LOVE this tree?! It's sooo pretty.


The picture doesn't do them justice, but here's a close up of the flowers. 


Cheers my friends! IT'S PENTECOST!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Chelsea <3

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  1. Hahaha demented llama pug!! I love it :) And I agree, that tree is soooo pretty! Cheers!