My New Musical Obsession

OK, so in the last week, I've developed an obsession with Wicked the Musical. *Facepalm* I HATE developing new obsessions!!! Haha, yeah right. I actually love it when that happens. The only problem is that I think about it ALL THE TIME... but whatever. I still enjoy it. Anyway.

Wicked is set in the Land of Oz (you know, as in The Wizard of Oz?), before Dorothy arrives. It centers on Elphaba, an intelligent, green-skinned, sadly misunderstood girl, and Galinda, the blonde-haired queen of popularity. Years later, Elphaba is the maleficent Wicked Witch of the West, and Galinda (aka Glinda) becomes the Good Witch of the North. In the musical, the two girls become friends when they find themselves roommates in college. The story forces you ask yourself what it means to be truly "Wicked", and whether having good intentions with a bad outcome is the same as having bad intentions with a bad outcome.

Of course, a musical isn't a musical without show tunes. And Wicked has fabulous show tunes. Which makes me love it even more than I already do. ;) For example, the song Popular. It will stay in your head for days, so choose carefully whether or not you want to watch it.

I suppose I should let you carry on with your life now.... BUT THIS IS SO MUCH FUN I CAN'T YET. I must show you pictures first. *Grins* My Pinterest boards are filled with 'em.

  I think I'm in love with these shoes...
Where can I find this notebook..?
I'm officially forcing myself to stop now.


I Spy a Post! And a School.


Yay! A real post! Shame on me for not getting one done sooner. ;)

Part 1

I think that a picture of my desk is the best description of my life at the moment. Sorry for the bad photo quality, but I was trying to balance on my rather high bed to get this picture. :P

Now we play a game of I Spy. THIS WILL BE FUN.

I spy a folded up piece of cardboard, which is actually a half-finished prop for my homeschool co-op's end of year production. The play is top seeclet so I can't tell you what it's about. Yet. You'll know by Tuesday-ish. :D

I spy white sunglasses. I'm kind of hoping that I can wear them soon. It's been raining for forty days and forty nights around these parts. ;) I'm so so SO so so excited to go to the beach this summer. Maybe a beach photo shoot in the near future?  :)

I spy an open notebook. It's actually my blog planner. I don't know why it's glowing in this picture. Maybe it's magic. That would be cool. I keep all my blog ideas, half-written posts, and list of blogs to check out in that lovely little book. :)

I spy a little ornate Byzantine-style incense holder. I was given it for my Confirmation by my parents, and OHMIGOSH it smells frabjous. The incense inside, I mean, not the holder. :P

I spy a little red soccer ball. OK, that really has no significant meaning. It's just fun to throw at things.

I spy my makeup bag, with the contents scattered across the desk. :P

Part 2

Now for the serious part.

Here's the backstory: For the last 6 years, my sister and I have been homeschooled by my mom. Those 6 years were 6 of the best years of my life. My family got so close, and we got to learn about God every day. Pretty sweet. Starting this September, however, we're going back to public school. We had never really intended to homeschool all the way to graduation; we just took it year by year. God's will, ya know?

So last week we took a tour of our new school, and met the teachers. To be honest, I was kind of freaking out about it. I guess I've heard too many stories about other teens' struggles with drugs, impurity, etc. I wanted to go back to public school, but I was terrified of the pressure. My mom, sister, and I decided to say a Divine Mercy before the tour which I think worked wonders.

Here's the verdict: The teachers were for the most part cheerful and welcoming, I saw several familiar smiling faces among  the class, and the building didn't seem like the dungeon of horror I expected it to be. Yeah, I know, I think WAY too much. :P

It was kind of awkward though. The tour was during class hours, so my sister and I were kind of like the monkeys in the zoo. One guy who will be in my class next year yelled out "IS THAT THE NEW GIRL?!" I kind of wanted to find a rock, climb under it, and stay there for a very long time. :P But other than that, it was good.

I'm not writing this saying that school is going to be easy. I'm totally expecting a lot of (excuse the language) crap. I know that there's A LOT of dirty talk in the schools that's just absolutely sickening. I guess all I'm trying to say is that God is more powerful than all that. I saw this awesome quote on Pinterest that said "When the world says 'no way', we say 'Yahweh'", and that's what's going to get me through the school still faithful. God. I'd also ask you guys if you'd pray for me. I'll definately be praying for you!

Love, Chelsea



Hi peoples! 

It's weird. In the winter, I never want to get out of bed, but in the spring, I'm all "WHO NEEDS SLEEP?!! NOT ME!!!!" so I was kind of up early this morning. There was this maniacal bird singing outside my window, so maybe that was part of the problem. :P So anywhoo, I got up and zipped through a bunch of blogs. I just watched Treskie's first vlog over at Occasional Randomness, and oh my gosh it was frabjous. Treskie, you're an awesome vlogger!!! :D I loved the random Josh Groban break in the middle. So, people, if you only do one thing today, WATCH THIS VIDEO. YOU WILL NOT LIVE TO REGRET IT. Oh wow. That came out wrong. No, I'm not going to kill you. :P Just watch the video, please and thank-you. Here's the link. 

That is all.


Gardens and Llama Pugs

This afternoon, my family spent a couple of hours laying down hay in the aisles of our garden. It apparently helps keep out weeds, which is always a good thing! And it kind of looks cool. :)


(That's my mom in the background.)

We brought Hope, my dog, outside with us. She loves eating hay. It's kind of a fetish. I think she looks like a demented llama. :P


You see what I'm talking about?



OH! And this is kind of random, but don't you just LOVE this tree?! It's sooo pretty.


The picture doesn't do them justice, but here's a close up of the flowers. 


Cheers my friends! IT'S PENTECOST!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Chelsea <3



Thank you Treskie for tagging me! I'm pretty sure I missed a tag a little while back... Alyianna's maybe? If I did, sorry. Anywhoo, I'm just going to get right to the questions instead of babbling on and on. I can do that later. ;)

1.) Which TV show's world would you like to live in?
Hmmm... that's a toughie. Probably in old England, which is the setting for Downton Abbey. I don't particularly love that show.. there's a couple *ahem* scenes in it... but I love the time setting. :) 
2.) Do you have a weird talent? (Like, can you wiggle your ears or something?)
I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before, but I can sing anything in a chipmunk voice. Too much time spent watching Alvin and the Chipmunks.
3.) Name three of your favorite songs.
Oooh that's easy! 1) Slow Dance by Jennah Barry 2) Dementia by Owl City and 3) The Days Ahead from the Anne and Gilbert soundtrack. :) 
4.) What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Depends on the day. If it's a school day, probably groan and hope that my mom will forget to wake me up. Usually doesn't work. :P On my early swim mornings, I jump out of bed all "YEAH SWIM!". And if I have absolutely nothing to do that morning, turn over and go back to my lovely world of dreams. I like sleep. ;)
5.) What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone new? (if it's a guy, or a girl, differentiate.)
Ok, you guys are gonna think I'm a total weirdo, but I notice eyebrows first. Odd, I know. But it's what I first notice.
6.) What's the last movie you saw and what's it about?
*Racks brain* Err.. The Hobbit maybe? Or maybe it was Facing the Giants... it's been a while since I've watched a movie. LOL! :) Facing the Giants is a movie about a football coach finding God amidst trials. It's a little corny, but still not a bad movie. And how does one describe The Hobbit???
7.) What's your family like?
Well THAT'S a loaded question. We are kind of crazy, and will literally laugh forever over the smallest things. Most of us are bookworms. We're pretty close. We have a lot of inside jokes and odd stories. And we love God and all His works. :)
8.) What's your biggest goal in life right now?
To always stay on "the straight and narrow". Walkin' through life with God. :)
9.) Do you know what a southpaw is?
Uhh.. no. I'll Google it later.
10.) Can you do the "live long and prosper" sign?
Yep! With both hands. :)
11.) Do you like or hate giving speeches.
You know how when you picture giving a speech in your head you always do fabulously? Emphasis on "in your head". My speech giving skills are limited to mental presentations. ;)
The Newly Tagged
Kelsey @ Sky Under My Feet
Rachelle Marie @ Beloved Bluebird
Alyianna @ Scribble of a Catholic Teen.
Questions For The Tagged Ones :)
I'm just gonna go with the ones Treskie gave me. They're impressive. ;)
P.S. Yesterday I got a tour of the school I'm going to be starting at in September. I'll write about that soon! :)


First Flower in Bloom!

The first flower in my yard! Lovin' the springtime. :)

Modest Monday #Tuesday

Another Modest Tuesday. My dear followers, this is not good! You see, every second Monday, I'm out all day at my homeschool co-op. After that, I get dropped off at swim practice, so when I get home, I'm kind of dead. Still, this is a very bad excuse. :P

Anywhoo (does anyone else realize how often I say that? About as often as Treskie starts her posts with 'so'. Haha! ;P ), here are my favs of this week.

I really love that cardigan, and the red heels actually really look awesome with the blue skirt.

Anyone else lovin' the coat as much as I am? <3

I really have a thing for white jeans. A helpful tip for buying modest skinny jeans is buying one size up. This works at Bluenotes anyway. That way, they still have the look you want, but aren't plastered to your skin. :)

Lovin' everything about this cardigan!

Well mah friends, those are mah favorite pieces of the week. :)

OH and guess what, GUESS WHAT?! The Young Catholic Author now had 10 followers!!!!!!!! Thank you to all my wonderful followers!!! You guys make my day, everyday. ;)


Lawn Chairs and Photobombs

So the other day I went out to the dairy bar with a couple friends for my birthday. At this dairy bar, there were 2 ridiculously cool oversized lawn chairs. This is a picture of me, being my normal hyperactive self, jumping off of it with my YAY I LOVE ICE CREAM FACE. And yes, that's my sister photo bombing in the background. 

Photo courtesy of Kelsey. :)


Dreaming of Rome

Hello, hello!

I am deliriously happy right now. Because.. in April of 2014.. I'm going to Rome!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is something I've been dreaming of doing since.. I don't know.. FOREVER?!?!
Anywhoo, today I made my "Money For Rome" can. It has the Colosseum on it. XD


Best Friend Tag!! Ft. Sky Under My Feet

Ms. Kelsey from Sky Under My Feet is at my house, and we decided to do a best friend tag that I found on Emily is Smiling. Well, here it goes... my answers will be in blue, Kelsey's will be in purple, and when we write together, it will be green. :)

Post a picture of your best friend and five things you love about her.

Here's Kelsey

Things I love about Kelsey:
1) Her crazy sense of humor. We have such strange inside jokes. Mainly about morbidity, tacky football movies, and rebellious cows. ;)
2) Her mad music skills. :)
3) Her amazing amount of patience. That's always been one of my weak points, and I really admire her ability not to flip out when something goes wrong. :)
4. She's a really caring and considerate person. She always notices the little things!
5. We love each other for our differences. :)
Here's Chelsea

Things I love about Chelsea:

1. She understands my weirdness :P
2. I can comfortably talk to her about anything!
3. I get along with her so well even though we don't have that much in common.
4. She accepts anyone and everyone for who they are and what they look like :)
5. She's beautiful inside and out ;)

Describe the day you met.

Ok... we met at church. I (Chelsea) had just moved to the area, but it actually wasn't until the past couple years that we became 'friends'. I guess we really started bonding when we both started homeschooling. :)

A picture of you and your best friend together.

A song you both love.
Britt Nicole's Gold. Kelsey got me hooked 30 seconds ago. :P

What was your biggest fight or argument?
We've disagreed over some stuff but we've never actually fought over anything which is weird because we are pretty different from each other... I guess that's a good thing :P

Five things you have in common with your best friend.

1) We both play guitar.

2) We both love drawing and painting.

3) We're both homeschooled.

4) We both agree that leggings are NOT a substitute for pants.

5) We only drink water and tea.

Five ways you are very different from your best friend.
1) I'm very musical, where as I'm more athletic.

2) I'm not flexible in the least, and I'm very flexible. She can do the splits!!!!!!!! XD

3) I'm a lefty, I'm a righty.

4) I adore reading, where as I HATE it.

5) I can lick my elbow, and I can't.

Describe the last thing you did with your best friend.

We made cake in a mug, went for an afternoon stroll, painted our nails, and acted like idiots in my (Chelsea's) backyard playing Mother May I? Now we're writing this blog post.

Complete this: "My best friend is..."
A weirdo. (We mutually agreed that we are joint weirdos.)


With the greatest affection,

The Magnificent Kelsey and Chelsea.


April 20, 2013 Was a Very Good Day!

So I've finally gotten around to posting about my Confirmation! I don't even know where to start. It was an absolutely amazing day. It started out with a 3 hour pre-Steubenville retreat. Steubenville is a weekend-long annual retreat for Catholic teens. And they're big. 800-1000 teens attend each retreat every year. Some of the weekend's highlights include midnight Confession and Adoration, powerful guest speakers, awesome music, and simply the chance to meet other Catholics like yourself. The pre-Steubenville retreat that I attended two weeks back was a very small taste of what you would experience at the actual weekend. We had talks, ice breakers, and adoration. It definitely got me pumped up for Confirmation that evening - and that's saying a lot, because I was already hoppin-off-the-walls with excitement.

After the retreat, I went home to change into my dress and do some family pictures. I'm going to have them posted at the end because, for some reason, when you blog from an iPod, you can't write something, put a picture, and write again. You have to post all the photos at the end. :P Anywhoo, after getting all the "necessities" done, also known as trying to get every wild hair in place and applying and reapplying mascara, it was time to head over to the church! ;) Ok what's next... Oh yes! All of the candidates had to meet in the basement of the church before the Mass started. From there, we went out the side doors, walked down the lane way, went through the Church's front doors, and processed down the aisle to our seats. When were walking outside from the side doors to the front, I really pitied the girls who were wearing shorter dresses. Because it was windy outside. Very windy. Yeah. Skipping ahead to the Mass, the homily the bishop gave was phenomenal. The bishop said that all relationships are founded on promises. When you get married, you promise fidelity for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. When you baptize your child, you promise that you will raise that child in the Faith, feed them, clothe them, educate them, and love them. Same goes with God. He promised that He'd send the Holy Spirit to guide us. We believe Him; we trust Him. We build a relationship with Him, knowing that he will be with us, and will help us.

My friends and I had joked beforehand about the amount of oil the bishop used to anoint the candidates. They were like "Oh yeah, he's very generous with the oil! You'll have it drippin' down your eyes, making your mascara run, etc. etc." I was also told by a catechism instructor that we would most likely get slapped. So so far our prospects were an oil bath and a big bruise. Very nice. But that wasn't the case. No slap and no drippy oil. (I was actually secretly hoping that we would get slapped.. Haha XD) I seriously believe that getting Confirmed is one of the best things you'll ever experience. And it does have after effects. Mine just so happened to be a crazy happy joy. I seriously hugged everybody that talked to me. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

After the Mass we went downstairs and ate very good food. 'Nuff said.

So, like I said above at least two other times, Confirmation has been one of the best days of my life. God works in wonderful ways! :)

So now I present to you the pictures. The first is of me and my mom, the second is of my dad and I, the third is of me and my sister, Ashley, and the last is mah buddy Kelsey and moi!